Unmatched terrain adaptability, simple installation

The Soltec dual-row one-in-portrait (1P) solar tracker. Years of design, manufacturing and installation experience for the United States market.

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Soltec SFOne USA solar tracker

Simplified construction process thanks to its design

SFOne US adapts to diverse conditions, terrains and project sizes. No matter what climate or scenario you are faced with, you will achieve optimal performance, maximizing the energy output of your photovoltaic plant.

SFOne US incorporates advanced features like bifacial technology, which captures sunlight from both sides of the module and increases energy production.

Its simplified, pre-assembled design adapts to any terrain, reducing earthworks. This saves time and money during installation. In addition, the sophisticated design and efficient management reduces both parts and total costs, streamlining your project and maximizing your return on investment.

Built to last and designed to perform, SFOne US uses innovative electronics for reliable communication and superior resistance to low temperatures, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Discover the benefits and features of the SFOne US

Soltec SFOne US solar tracker in the United States with Monument Valley in the background. Product rendering for promotion.

TeamTrack Algorithm: Unleashing precision in solar energy

SF7 USA employs state-of-the-art algorithms to maximize production at minimal cost. Experience the pinnacle of solar efficiency with SF7 USA innovative TeamTrack algorithm. Imagine a solar tracker that maximizes energy production while minimizing shading losses between rows. With TeamTrack, precision meets sustainability, making SF7 the undisputed choice for projects that demand only the best.

Diffuse Booster Algorithm: harnessing solar power on cloudy days

SF7 USA Diffuse Booster allows your solar project to thrive regardless of weather conditions by capturing diffuse irradiation. Boost your energy production and embrace a future where every day is a sunny day with SF7 USA.

Dy-Wind and Hail Algorithm: mastering nature's challenges

SF7 USA is at the forefront of solar development with its Dy-Wind and Hail algorithm, a proof of its unwavering defense against the forces of nature. The Dy-Wind methodology protects the plant from the most adverse weather conditions, reinforcing the resilience of your project without compromising efficiency. Combined with the Hail algorithm, SF7 USA offers the best response to any damage in case of heavy rainfall.